No substance, no poetry, no thought, no Pakistan—the world, friends, is moving on!

In this last week, alone, much has happened outside the land of the pure and plenty. The Egyptians earned foreign exchange and tourism flourished. Not a lot happened at Sharm El-Sheikh, except that the red seacoast lit up with suits and dresses and some scanty-dresses. The usual moral stampede by the less favored nations—read allContinue reading No substance, no poetry, no thought, no Pakistan—the world, friends, is moving on!

Sheep, Shepherds, Pakistan, and Social Pollution!

“To be born again, first you have to die. How to ever smile again, if first you won’t cry? How to win the darling’s love mister, without a sigh?” I will not even dare and explain whose quote I am using. Those who know, do shut up. Pakistan is, I think, in need of thisContinue reading Sheep, Shepherds, Pakistan, and Social Pollution!

Future Afghanistan economy? Taking clues from the economy of the ‘Taliban Group’

The debate on how Afghanistan’s economy will fare, once the coalition forces, and their proxies and supporting service providers, have left, rages on. From an economic point of view, much has changed and yet much stays the same. Falsely propped-up consumption is fast going down. The prevalence of abject poverty in the masses stays the same. If anything, it is worsening by the day!

Adapting Pakistan To Post Covid-19 Technology Gains: Some Thought Pathways

Post pandemic, a massive compression of technology adoption and adaptation is happening in Asia, but Pakistan, still amongst the least technology-friendly states, is lagging. Is the enabling environment in Pakistan holding back this technology adoption and adaptation? Is dearth of capital chasing technology innovation in Pakistan holding back emergence of ideas and innovations and entrepreneurs, or is it the absence of ideas and skills and ‘real’ education? Here is an attempt to provide some thought pathways for Pakistan to adopt and adapt to post Covid-19 technology gains.