Future Afghanistan economy? Taking clues from the economy of the ‘Taliban Group’

The debate on how Afghanistan’s economy will fare, once the coalition forces, and their proxies and supporting service providers, have left, rages on. From an economic point of view, much has changed and yet much stays the same. Falsely propped-up consumption is fast going down. The prevalence of abject poverty in the masses stays the same. If anything, it is worsening by the day!

Adapting Pakistan To Post Covid-19 Technology Gains: Some Thought Pathways

Post pandemic, a massive compression of technology adoption and adaptation is happening in Asia, but Pakistan, still amongst the least technology-friendly states, is lagging. Is the enabling environment in Pakistan holding back this technology adoption and adaptation? Is dearth of capital chasing technology innovation in Pakistan holding back emergence of ideas and innovations and entrepreneurs, or is it the absence of ideas and skills and ‘real’ education? Here is an attempt to provide some thought pathways for Pakistan to adopt and adapt to post Covid-19 technology gains.

Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Speed-brakers, Pulpit, and Pakistan’s Writ!

August 4, 2020 The speed breaker, also known as the speed bump, was invented in 1950 by Arthur Holly Compton when he noticed that drivers frequently sped past Washington University (https://www.acplm.net/5-things-didnt-know-speed-bumps/). I think, the man should have kept to what he knew best, his discoveries in electromagnetic theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize.Continue reading “Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Speed-brakers, Pulpit, and Pakistan’s Writ!”

Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Tourism, Cleanliness, Trees, Roads and post COVID-19 recovery!

August 3, 2020 Distances and destinations define tourism. Tourism brings in revenue—both local and foreign. Local economies around destinations and along the distance thereto, grow. The same can also deteriorate if tourism is not entrenched within an overall “circularity”. The economic system which ensures use of resources such that waste is eliminated is nowadays calledContinue reading “Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Tourism, Cleanliness, Trees, Roads and post COVID-19 recovery!”

Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Corruption, Pulpits, and Injustice!

Jul 24, 2020 Riding out to Tirah over the weekend before Eid-ul-Azha, reminded me about all what is right and wrong about Pakistan. Tirah valley stretches through Khyber, Kurram and Orakzai Agency, in our beloved Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. While deciding this to be a destination for a weekend adventure ride from Islamabad our aim wasContinue reading “Pakistan Motorcycle Stories – Corruption, Pulpits, and Injustice!”

Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Pro-activity, Impact and Needs Assessment, and Using IT Proactively

The Government of Pakistan should be carrying out a Covid-19 Impact and Needs Assessment (CINA), in accordance with the global practice. [https://empowerpakistanbyazd.blog/2020/03/27/pakistans-covid-19-response-and-the-international-financial-institutions-where-is-the-rapid-needs-assessment-and-a-national-action-plan/] The tool preferred for the required COVID-19 CINA in Pakistan is a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and Recovery and Peace Building Assessment (RPBA) hybrid, without delving into the tedious Damage and LossContinue reading “Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Pro-activity, Impact and Needs Assessment, and Using IT Proactively”

Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Help the SMEs, please @Government of Pakistan

SME’s need help! The need for the government to help small and medium businesses is growing by the day as the lock-down continues. This has also been a key issue discussed during the daily virtual global-national brainstorming meetings being spearheaded by PIDE. How should the government help these SMEs during this pandemic and resulting economicContinue reading “Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Help the SMEs, please @Government of Pakistan”

Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Logistics and Essential Services

“..This train from Yiwu to Madrid, which is the longest rail line in the world, has been regularly running since 2014. It usually carries electronics, automobile components, and other goods, but from now until the crisis ends the company has made space available to any individuals or companies looking to make a donation to theContinue reading “Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: Logistics and Essential Services”

Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: What of the Small and Medium Enterprises?

I am lucky to be part of a very able and noble group under the aegis of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) who are daily undertaking analysis and discussions and recommendations geared towards the policy makers in our holy state of Pakistan. Today, after the daily morning virtual meeting of this group around COVID-19Continue reading “Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: What of the Small and Medium Enterprises?”

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